Night Skin

The night hung between us
like a forgotten conversation.

Her breasts under my hand.
Her lips against my thigh.
Neatly shaven and pleasantly rough.

She slipped her tongue into my mouth
like a newspaper sliding under the door.

The sheets rustled and
slid. Desire surfed along the
rising curve of our tongues.

The night traveled down
again behind our eye lids.

Held between her hands
I sighed. Under the sheets
fingers explored fertile valleys.

She pushed me under and fell
over me like a familiar song.

Moist and molten we kissed. Lips
exchanged names written by tongues.

She moved over me. I was caught in her song.
She rode the bridge and waited for the chorus.
I joined her as the music peaked and together
we felt the words come crashing down inside her.

The sweat stained night settled
into the folds of our skins as we
fell asleep inside and over each other.