I Will

I’ll kiss the moonlight falling on your breasts this night.
I’ll wander through your hair in search of lost whispers.
I’ll swim in your eyes to the far shores of fervent love.
I’ll smell your skin and distill that special scent of sunshine.

I’ll bargain with time to arrest your smile for a moment more.
I’ll write sonnets about the silken depths of your belly button.
I’ll travel across seven seas to capture the song of a skylark for you.
I’ll reason with god to transmute your laughter into wine.

I’ll bathe you in the light of dawn every morning.
I’ll force the four winds to dry the sweat on your tired brow at dusk.
I’ll play the lute to let the angel of sleep embrace you every night.
I’ll sweep the sky into my arms and drape you in blue.

And as you sleep in between my arms
I’ll lay awake and watch you smile in your dreams.