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Month: April, 2006

The Lawyers

The Lawyers
This one is dedicated to these five nice people. They are from India and are studying law there. I ran into them in Vienna. We had some great time together.

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I’ve not been very regular in posting photos this past week due to various things coming up so I decided to post today’s earlier than usual. This is also from Vienna, it is the dome of the entrance building to the huge Hofburg palace complex. Although, ideally, I’d have liked to get the whole of the dome in the shot to really bring out that symmetry (it was too wide even for a wide angle lens) I’m quite satisfied with the way this has turned out. Hope you like it as well.

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Let’s go back to Vienna again. This is supposed to be one of the oldest running ferris wheel’s in the world, a more modern version of which is the London eye. You can take a ten minutes ride in it and see quite a bit of Vienna. This was shot hand held.

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Liquid Silver Dreams

Yesterday, I got drunk
The staccato rumble of
God’s laughter

Igniting pillars
Of crazy thoughts

With a passion
The rare bliss
Of heavenly communion

There were angels
Dressed like drag-queens
Smoking pot and
Drenched in cool acid

The Old Man
Lay in four dimensions
Layers of Earthly sin

Weird sounds
Grew from his ears
Blowing holes
Through the fabric of logic

I sifted
Through the sand
Under his feet
And found the spirits
Of mortality and immortality
Lying side by side

A curious copulation
Of beautiful extremes

We were surrounded
By a band of satyrs
Sampling the delights
Of drug induced paranoia

There was a crowd
Behind us
Filled with
Schizos and hypos
Crazies and homos
Prostitutes and publishers
Capitalists and Christians
Pornographers and politicians

All chanting
The true name
In unknown harmonics

God smiled
And created a new world
Out of the surreal images
Floating in his blank eyes

I touched
His cloak
Made of lightning and thunder
To glimpse a vision of bright orgasm

It smelt
Like burnt ozone (there)
Oozing through
The leaky holes
Of my shattered brain

Wicked laughter
Echoed around me
From time to time
Pulsing like young stars
Shattering the crowded silence

I was restless
To undream
These fantastic visions
From heavenly hell

A slow dance
Of deep bass
In the confines
Of my confused mind
Disoriented, vague

I realized
The cruel weakness
Of proletarian mortality
A class struggle
Even in utter infinity

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Another macro of the flowers from yesterday. It was a pain trying to focus the stamen (or is it anther?), ended up with some nice back pain.

Moving onto other stuff, the 2006 photobloggies opened for nominations today. You can nominate your favorite photoblogs under various categories [here](

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Untitled 07

Untitled 07
Lets take a break from Vienna for a little while! Instead, here is something I found in my garden the other day. Don’t know what the flower is called though. Anyone knows?

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A Distant Observer

A Distant Observer
Although I had intended to post a color version of yesterday’s photo I ended up liking the way today’s photo shaped up so here it is instead. This is the same base of the Athena statue in front of the Viennese parliament, two photos of which I had posted a few days back, albeit in color.

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Viennese Ruins

Viennese Ruins
I had gone to an amusement park in Vienna which has (apparently) one of the oldest running ferris wheel in the world. There they had a small exhibition of sorts wherein various tableaux showed Vienna at different time periods in the past. This was Vienna after WWII if I remember correctly. I might post a color version of the same tomorrow.

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Untitled 06

Untitled 06
The same fountain as yesterday from a different angle.

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Atlas Shrugged II

Atlas Shrugged II
Here is another one from the Viennese parliament. This is a part of the fountain that forms the base of a statue of Athena, the whole of which can be seen in yesterday’s photo. I’ll be posting a couple more photos of this fountain from different perspectives in the days ahead. All these photos were shot hand-held.

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